January 11, 1977 - October 4, 1992

Scott Christian

A coach once said, “Scott is not a follower—he is a Trailblazer and others will follow him.”

Scott started playing soccer at the age of five for the St. Paul Panthers recreational soccer team. He stayed with the Panthers until the age of nine when he made the Northern Kentucky Cobras select B-level team.

At the time of his death, Scott still played for the Cobras but on the A-level team. He also played for a traveling team, played indoor soccer in Cincinnati and traveled to Holland as a U.S. Youth Soccer All-Star Team Ambassador. While in Holland, Scott's team played ten matches with Scott scoring eighteen goals.

A starting varsity player for the Boone County High School Rebels soccer team, Scott was their leading scorer at the time of his death. He also was the second highest scorer in the region and a member of the Kentucky Olympic Development Team.

Scott's love of life was manifested through his dedication to his family, academics and the sport of soccer. His dream of becoming a professional soccer player was a message of commitment, accomplishment and dedication that would inspire many.

To Scott, winning was a process of continual personal development. His team was his family as his family was part of his team. These attitudes prepared him for selection on the Kentucky Olympic Development team, the Midwest Soccer Academy All-Star Team, which toured Holland.

Scott was proud of his talent and ability to play the sport of soccer, and he gave God the credit. He loved his school, his family, his community, his friends, and most of all he loved life.

Scott’s favorite pastime was watching soccer matches, which he did at every chance, practicing in the backyard to better himself. His goal was to become a professional soccer player either in the United States or abroad.

Scott’s tragic death robbed the community of a young, talented and loved team member.